Pride In both nudity and sexuality

Pride In both nudity and sexuality

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Being A Bottom: Take It Doggie-Style

No matter what some guys will tell you, being fucked (taking your sexual partner's erect cock/dick/penis) inside your ass (buttocks) is decidedly not the most painful experience anyone will ever have to endure. Yes, it does require some getting used to, but the gratification out-weighs whatever initial discomfort any man feels, unless his partner's cock/dick/penis is simply just too large to insert. And that occurrence is just somewhat a myth and the sphincter muscle is very flexible and can generally adapt to any size of manhood (cock/dick/penis). 

Doggy-Style is the typical bottom position for most men and is shown in the image above. In this picture, the bottom (the one being fucked) is, naturally, on the bottom with his back against his top's (the man doing the fucking) chest. Notice the downward dip on the bottom's lower back. This is further illustrated in the chart below:

The correct use of this posture while being fucked (penetrated) doggy-style maximizes the amount of pleasure the bottom feels as his top's erection massages his prostate. This pleasure is the very reason so many men prefer to be fucked in the ass as opposed to fucking another man in his ass. It is indescribable ecstasy! Trust me, I know this for a fact as I am an exclusive bottom-man! 

If my prostate isn't properly massaged by my top's enlarged and erect cock/dick/penis, then I feel no pleasure from being fucked! There is no sexual pleasure or satisfaction for me. I may as well be on my elbows and knees for nothing. The sex is like having someone inserting a cucumber in and out of my anal opening. 

Above is the correct position for the bottom to assume as he prepares for his top to insert his manhood inside his ass (buttocks). To guarantee pleasure, commit this position to memory and recall frequently. Remember, while being fucked, if you lose the pleasure sensation, adjust your position accordingly. 

In the passion of the sexual act, it is easy to forget the proper posture. Make sure you are able to maneuver both you and your top back into place. Enjoy your tryst (encounter)!

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Rimming: An Enthusiastic Bottom Response

Last week's entry here on ReNude Pride (see previous post) included tips for tops on how to rim (eat the ass) of their bottom. This week, we'll take a look at a very enthusiastic and aroused bottom response to a seasoned and experienced top! One of the current popular gay porn stars, Beaux Banks is our proud bottom having his ass erotically aroused. 

In the image above, Beaux's ass is being penetrated by his top-man. 

Our second image (above) the top is becoming slightly more aggressive and inserting his tongue even deeper inside Beaux's receptive hole. If you are able to read Beaux's lips, he's shouting out: "Oh, Fuck!" His top has definitely got his juices flowing!

This image (above) depicts Beaux's top gradually increasing his activity by not only inserting his tongue into Beaux's willing hole but is now brushing his tongue slightly over the crack and stroking the opening then re-inserting his tongue again, repeating the process over and over. Beaux continues to react with increasing enthusiasm. 

By now, Beaux is almost in tears as his top adds massaging his buttock-cheeks into the anal foreplay. 

For all intents and purposes, at this stage (above), Beaux is ready to have his top's erect penis plunged inside his relaxed and willing anal cavity. But his top is too experienced for that to happen just yet! 

Beaux is once again reverting to his "Oh, Fuck!" mantra and his top still refuses to give in to his demands. He knows all to well that Beaux's desires will only intensify. 

Beaux now drops his earlier shouts and now pleads with his top to "Don't stop!"

His top man knows that the moment to allow his erection to take charge is almost at hand. Above, he is now penetrating Beaux's quivering buttocks-hole deeper with his tongue - which increases the ache he feels inside his ass (buttocks). 

Reaching the final stage of successful rimming, he is beginning to increase the strokes of his tongue along the crack and crevice of his anal opening while masturbating his penis into a firmer erection! 

Good fucking, men!

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Rimming: Tips For Tops!

Rimming, also known as "eating ass," is a sexual foreplay practice whereas the top (the man who is going to penetrate (fuck) his bottom in the ass (buttocks) helps to relax his partner and at the same time enables his bottom to gradually begin to enlarge his anal opening in order to receive his erect penis (cock, dick) with minimal discomfort.

Rimming generally occurs after the bottom has stimulated (either manually, orally or both) the tops penis to its approximate full erection. It is the responsibility of the bottom to clean and flush his anal opening prior to the sexual foreplay commencing. 

Generally, the top uses his mouth and lips to begin the erotic coaxing of his bottom's anal opening to heighten arousal, relax the sphincter muscles and to open the anal chute to receive his enlarge and erect penis. Rimming is not an automatic guarantee of opening the ass (buttocks) but it does heighten both the arousal and the receptiveness of the bottom to, minimally, receive the penis inside. The sensation is erotic for the bottom similar to orally stimulating the penis to become erect. It is usually accompanied by gently manually massaging the buttock cheeks.  

The top then uses his tongue to insert inside the anal opening which, in turn, further relaxes the sphincter muscle and this is where I am beginning to moan in anticipation of being fucked (penetrated) by my partner and to writhe my body with anxious desire to be fucked! As we all know, the tongue is a very potent and erotic body muscle that aids our passion sensors. 

A practiced top knows how to take his bottom to the brink of desire to where we are hungry to be fucked. Our asses respond to this arousal by enthusiastically encouraging out top to fuck us with both passion and power so that we may both reach ejaculation simultaneously and with immense pleasure!  

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sex On The Beach

It's a whole lot more than just the name of an alcoholic mixed-drink!

Forget what you've ever heard about the sand and sex!

It's some of the hottest (both figuratively and literally) sex imaginable!

Ask anyone behind a sand dune near you!

Anally, orally or both! I know you'll love it! 

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Skinny-Dipping Bromance

There's quite a bit of foreplay and sexual opportunities available to us during the summertime. All we need to do is to be a little cautious and discrete and, of course, imaginative. There's no limit to all the endless possibilities. 

Skinny-dipping (swimming naked) is always a favorite seasonal past-time that opens up many moments of foreplay and sex that may not be available during the rest of the year. 

As a bottom-man (one who enjoys getting fucked - penetrated - in my ass), having another man rim (or eat-my-ass) me while we're in the water is a particular favorite. Having my prospective top (the guy who inserts his erect penis into my ass) to rim (relax my sphincter) with his lips and tongue while submerged is appealing and erotic.  

As my partner surfaces to breathe, it is an extra treat to have him brush his erection against my ass. This is the best preview of the proverbial cumming attractions (when he ejaculates his man-nectar - cum/semen - inside my willing and hungry hole)!  

As he releases his air from his lungs, he creates bubbles that envelope my ass-crack and provide a bonus thrill. It's almost as good as when he massages my prostrate while furiously fucking me during our actual sexual coupling! 

Try it! I promise you'll be a skinny-dipper for life! 

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride