Pride In both nudity and sexuality

Pride In both nudity and sexuality

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday Mornings: Slow and Steady

For my husband, Aaron, and myself, Sunday mornings are the beginning of our "At-Home" special day together. I love it when he fucks (penetrates my willing buttocks with his firm and prodigious erect penis). 

Sunday mornings were created especially for moments such as this. We rub together and exchange deep, passionate wet kisses.

He slowly caresses my body with his massive hands; gently and softly.

Then he slowly inserts his manhood inside by hungry and willing buttocks-hole.

I gladly accept him and we gently establish our rhythm. It is luxurious and unhurried.  

He lights my internal fire as the gently thrusts himself deeper inside.

I willingly open myself to receive as much of him as humanly possible as our breathing increases to match our desires and needs to be united.

As he fills me with his manly nectar, we are at last as one in our pleasure and satisfaction.

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Relief Is Necessary!

From the intensity and speed that the above top-man (the one inserting his erect penis) is hitting his bottom-man's (the one receiving him inside) booty (ass, buttocks), it is obvious that he needs relief from all of his pent-up sexual frustrations. 

The fact that his bottom is in no way avoiding or resisting his thrusts is evidence that he, too, needs relief just as much as his top! 

It's great that these two complement one another in meeting their needs! 

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cum Drops

Having oral sex isn't THAT big of a deal.

Many men, myself included, actually like the taste of a man's semen (cum, jizz, juice) - I know that I do!

Just make sure that you know your partner's HIV status beforehand and then take it all you like!

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Three-Way Today!

Grab a buddy and come on over!

The three of us will all sleep over!

A good time and fun for all!

We'll all get naked and have us a ball!

And sexual pleasure is guaranteed!

As we all try to fulfill everyone's need!

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fucking View!

Simply stated, this is a couple's paradise! Fucking with a fantastic view all around you! Well, the view is all around visible for the top (the man plunging his erect penis deep into his partner's ass). The bottom (the dude being fucked) is in the missionary position (on his back) so ll that he gets to see is the almost cloudless sky! 

But even so, that's not such a bad view, either! At least he has the thrill of being ravaged by a man with a nice, firm penis! 

I wouldn't mind trading places with either one of them right now! 

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride