Pride In both nudity and sexuality

Pride In both nudity and sexuality

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Graffiti Artist

Today's post is focusing on a "behind-the-scenes" view of a graffiti artist. This young man, who prefers to keep his word anonymous, yet he has no problem revealing all of his masculine attributes with pride. 

Yes, he indeed has all the manly requirements to keep us all busy and occupied. He even invites us for a free sampling of his merchandise.

As well as his entire physical package! 

As an ardent exhibitionist, he definitely "gets off" knowing the we are all staring as his manhood swells with confidence. 

Most artists, graffiti or the more traditional, would rather us focus on their creative accomplishments. However, our man enjoys all our focus on himself! 

Given the beauty of his swelling cock (dick, penis) he likes our attention on that part of his anatomy.

And his other delightful anatomical offerings that he proudly displays! 

Nice job, Mr. Artist! That's probably a first-prize masterpiece you've got growing there between your legs! 

Oh! Yes! Most assuredly a piece that will please many willing buttocks and their holes!  

Thank you, sir! Now we all know that you've got all that it takes to keep a man pleased!

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Delivering His Load

The top-man in the above image wants to make absolutely certain that his bottom-man wants to take his semen (cum, ejaculated fluid) deep inside his anus (ass, buttocks hole). He's fairly sure that's the case, but he just wants to double-check to ensure it's what they both desire.  

And the bottom-man is so much into being pleased that all he can mutter in the heat of the passion is a firm, "yeah!" 

Always best to check with your partner in order to make certain that each sexual encounter is exactly what you both had in mind. If you're a top, then guarantee that your bottom gets what he wants. If you're a bottom (like me), then you know you'll crawl out of bed satisfied! 

Happy fucking!

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Super Hero Sunday!

Let's face facts here, even super-heroes have physical needs and urges, just like the rest of us mere mortals. 

And many times it's us mere mortals who are called upon to provide the release of those pent-up sexual frustrations for our immortal super-heroes! 

So when we are called upon to bend over, kneel down or turn around and offer our anxious and willing buttocks to our mighty friends, be prepared to make the sacrifice!

And remember to do so with a smile on your face!

Because soon you'll have a thrill in your ass!

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Stripping Advice

I'm certain that we've all been in the same situation at least once in our lives. We've just returned home with a "hot" date - or we've just met him at the club - and we're anxious and eager to take things to the next level. Keep in mind that I'm not referring to the elevator here. I mean that we want to get busy and have unbridled and uninhibited full-blown and fantastic sex. Got the picture now?

Our intended partner in passion is removing his clothes and we're struggling to do the same. Neither of us are wanting to postpone our complete sexual exploration for another moment longer than necessary. As the vast majority of us live in environments that aren't conducive to unrestricted public nudity, we're forced to remove the layers of clothing that we're legally required to wear when out in public. 

In our haste to undress and impress, we've taken a short-cut and are taking off our pants and underwear simultaneously. The bundle of clothing becomes difficult to maneuver around our ankles and off our feet. Just as in the gif clip above. 

There's no dignified way out of this very awkward predicament. We have two options here.
  1. Pretend that we're still in control and struggle to get the damn bundle off our feet while more than likely falling flat on our face.
  2. Pulling the offending garments back onto our body and then removing them one-by-one in full view of our intended sex-mate who by now is completely bare with a raging erection and watching our every move with a bemused expression on his face. 
What would you do?

Strip advice: Make it a policy to always make it a policy to strip professionally for any prospective sexual partner. Make like an accomplished stripper and take off your clothing, item by item, in the most enticing and provocative manner possible. In my case, being the committed "bottom" that I am, I use my buttocks to there full advantage and force my prospect to want to rip my boxers off me and enter my man-hole like a starved lion. That works for me every time!

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride

Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday Morning Bounce

This guy is obviously thrilled to be off to work on a Monday morning. His mirror is still steamy from his morning shower and his buttocks are energetically discarding his towel. Something really great must be about to happen in his office today.

Or else he is still happy and satisfied over that great fuck he had over this past weekend!  

Take care and stay proud and bare!

ReNude Pride